25 Places That My Mother Will Always Live

My Mother Hates This Picture But I Love it So Much

My Mother Hates This Picture But I Love it So Much. Taken By Me.

So Here is That She Loves Instead. Taken By Someone Else

So here is one that she loves instead.

I passed around a quotes on Facebook about how your mother is always with you in certain things, even when you don’t have her any more. It was a beautiful quote, but I realized that the quote spoke to me, but only on the edges of it. The truth is, there are very real places in my heart where my mother will always live. Fortuitously, I still have my mother so I got to share them with her. So here they are – the 25 places where my mom will always live:

25 Places Where My Mother Will Always Live

1. Dusty treasures in dimly-lit thrift stores
2. Yellow-edged paper backs
3. The Secret of Roan Inish while folding laundry
4. Anne of Green Gables
5. Learning Spanish together just for fun.
6. Walking about the lake at Bob Woodruff Park
7. Making stories about the geese
8. Watership Down
9. The Pine smell of the cabins
10. Making stories about if we lived on an island and had to survive
11. Cats
12. Newts
13. Flipping through the Childcraft books
14. Go, Dog, Go
15. CInnamon rolls and stockings on Christmas morning
16. Birthdays with always just the right book
17. Pink cake with blue frosting
18. Blue cake with pink frosting
19. Puff painted denim jacket
20. Queen Anne’s Lace
21. Dramatic Movie Soundtracks
22. West Side Story & The Sound of Music
23. Paper Dolls & Post Cards
24. Dreaming about moving to India
25. Puffed Sleeves

Thank you, mom, for the happy childhood 🙂

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