3 Ingredient NATURAL Cleaning Solution – All Ingredients From the grocery Store!

Here is a recipe for a natural cleaning solution you can start making TODAY. It uses only three ingredients. Here they are:

Water (If you have hard tap water, it might be wise to buy distilled water)
White Vinegar
Rosemary Herb

You can find fresh rosemary with the herbs in the produce section of your grocery store. It should only cost a few dollars and you should be able to get a bunch of it. I love to take a nice deep whiff of it – it smells so good. To learn about the benefits of Rosemary, you can read the entry at Mountain Rose. There are a few health cautions, too.

Take a bunch of rosemary and put it into a sterilized jar with a lid. Pour the white vinegar over the rosemary and put the (sterile) lid over it. Put the vinegar in a dark place and let it sit for a few days, giving the jar a good shake each day.

If you don’t feel like waiting, boil the vinegar before adding it to the herbs, just please take care when pouring. Nobody feels like cleaning with burnt fingers.

After the herbs are infused into the vinegar, you will need to strain them. I use a coffee filter tucked into a colander. Make sure you get all the little pieces out because they will get stuck in your sprayer and you will have to toss it (unless someone knows a great way to unclog a stuck sprayer – learned this the hard way with glitter, don’t ask).

About spray bottles – I know some people don’t like plastic. I’m looking for a good source for nice metal bottles with spray attachments. Right now I just get my plastic spray bottles at Walmart – they are BPA free and they are made in the USA. If anyone can recommend a good source for the metal bottles, let me know.

Funnel the vinegar into a spray bottle. I like to use equal parts vinegar and distilled water. That’s it, you have a fantastic, strong, all natural cleaning solution for your house. The smell of the vinegar will dissipate and the sunshiney smell of the Rosemary will charm your house. So much better than chemical smells and no worries about the kids getting into poison.

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