50 Things That Make Me Happy


  1. Warm rain for dancing in
  2. Freshly vacuumed rugs
  3. Not being afraid
  4. “Just because.” flowers
  5. How sweet Julius is with younger children
  6. Watching Coraline with Olivia
  7. The big, big boulders at Lake Pinchot
  8. Swimming in the lake
  9. Swimming at the Yellow Breeches Creek
  10. Tent Camping
  11. When Elijah sees my sitting by myself, sits down next to me, and starts to tell me about his life.
  12. Afternoon romps with the Chief
  13. Used paperbacks
  14. Flea markets: that ideal combination of greasy french fries and cheap old stuff
  15. Making Confession
  16. Gabe’s bossy voice
  17. Being in sync with the Chief, enjoying things at the same time and for the same reason.
  18. Mulder and Scully
  19. Ron and Hermione
  20. Peeta and Katniss
  21. “Not my daughter, you b*tch!
  22. The ability to trade a dollar for a song and keep the song forever.
  23. Well-done movie adaptations.
  24. The return of the Gloria during the Easter Vigil. Especially with bells.
  25. The Muppets Christmas Carol. Especially the Bless Us All song. That’s my favorite part.
  26. Fraggle Rock.
  27. Remembering my grandparents.
  28. Bare feet.
  29. Herbs and making stuff out of them.
  30. Humble Bundles
  31. Sauteed Mushrooms
  32. Cheese
  33. Fun.
  34. The Rocket Summer.
  35. Memories of birth and nursing.
  36. Waterfalls.
  37. Water that goes all the way to the horizon.
  38. Streams.
  39. Setting up a PC.
  40. WordPress.
  41. Feeling helpful.
  42. Being desired.
  43. The pink buds on coal-colored branches that herald Spring’s return.
  44. Cousins playing together – at home and at the beach.
  45. Thinking about awesome ideas with Kristina. Every day. Even though she lives a million miles away.
  46. Learning how to do something new.
  47. Making Photoshop do my bidding.
  48. Everything about Sarah.
  49. The smell outside that means Christmas is coming soon
  50. Bus trips to museums in different cities with the Chief.
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