Andrew Angelo Howard


Andrew Angelo Howard is the oldest son of the 6th Judge, Dell Howard of the Harlem Jurisdiction. Since his 16th birthday, Andrew has been working as an assistant to the 7th judge. Andrew files papers, drafts contracts, manages the household budget, and oversees the judge’s messengers. Andrew takes his job as the 7th judge’s right-hand man very seriously.

Andrew was born in the 1st jurisdiction in the year 2107, six years after the fall of mankind. He lived in the Underground for the first three years of his life, until he and his little brother Perry were adopted by the Howards and brought to live in their home in Harlem. From his father Dell, Andrew learned history, logic, law, civics, philosophy, and literature. His mother, Apple, taught him Science, Math, reading, writing, and courtesy.  He hopes to succeed his father as the judge of the 6th jurisdiction.

He wears blond hair to his shoulders and can always be seen in the formal dress of an elite citizen of the boroughs. He prefers red neckties and solid charcoal suits. His only concession to comfort are the well-tanned moccasins he wears, which are yearly birthday gifts from his mother. He has little time for games or amusements, and reads classic literature by the assist light of his pod when he can’t sleep.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse… actually ignorance of any kind is no excuse.” – Andrew Angelo Howard

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