Bronx (The Bronx), 7th Jurisdiction of the Boroughs

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The Bronx was one of the original five boroughs of New York City, famous as the home of the New York Yankees and one of the worlds most famous Zoological parks. Today, the Bronx is most well-known for being the home of the 7th judge. Alexander Jackson – today known as Lux – grew up in the Bronx before the fall. His mother was an elementary school teacher at Sts. Peter and Paul Parish school, his father was a nightguard/maintenance worker at the now-famous Electrolux Palace, then a night club for young adults.

After the fall, Lux and his father gathered many of the survivors into the Palace. There they worked together to survive, hunting, gathering food, putting out fires, keeping wildlife away, and salvaging what technology survived the breakdown of the NYC infrastructure. Few survivors remained, but over time the population grew. At first, those whole were sick or dependent died off in the harsh weather and lack of technology. Then slowly those who survived gravitated toward the Palace.  The Bronx became the center of civilization until the council of the judges was established and the people distibuted more evenly over the five boroughs.

Today, the Bronx is one of the smaller of the seven jurisdictions. The Palace and the common market are the northern markers of civilization. Above the market few people reside and only a handful of businesses, most catering to New England trade caravans. The Bronx is home to some 5,000 souls – 2,000 above ground and approximately 3,200 below. Accurate  numbers below are impossible, but a best estimate is offered.  Visitors to the 7th jurisdiction are always welcome to stop into the Electrolux Palace – you will come for the beautifully preserved Beaux Arts style 20th century architecture; stay for the housekeeper’s renowned comfort cuisine.

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