Colander Review


I adore this colander. I have been wanting a collapsible one for a long time and I was not disappointed. I live in a very small apartment with a nice big family so space is at a premium. This one folds up flat and is made of what feels like high quality metal and silicone. The packaging was excellent and included lovely personal touches. Two cute books were included with kitchen tips and pasta cooking techniques. They were color little paper pamphlets but I felt like they really showed that the company cared.

I have been using the colander for a few days and have had no issue with the quality. I pushed on the edges of the silicone to see if it would easily work loose from the metal and it did not. Any silicone will tear if you take a knife to it, but I can’t imagine this tearing any other way.

I received a discount on this colander in exchange for my honest review and you have it – I am thrilled with this product and will be using it for a long time. If anything changes, I will update the review.

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