"Bible" by Erik Lavdal

“Bible” by Erik Lavdal

No one model of learning would accurately represent the education of the Boroughs. The methods are nearly as varied as our citizens themselves.

Among the lower classes, education is primarily accomplished through an informal system of apprenticeships, usually among family and friends. Illiteracy among the undergrounders is common. Unskilled labor can be taught at a young age and the standard of living is such than an undergrounder can support himself on unskilled labor. He can support a family on skilled labor, of which there is no shortage, and which he can learn from a neighbor who will, in nearly all cases, welcome an extra pair of hands in exchange for knowledge.

Above ground, the economics are more complicated. We are building a system of labor which includes working for salary, legalized ownership of property, and in cases of unemployable criminals, permanent indentured employment. Because of this more complex system, education is even more varied and certainly more demanding. Many citizens, like our family, choose to tutor their children in the home, with one or both parents passing on wisdom and knowledge through oratory and books. Still others have small schools where a teacher is retained by the parents to teach such skills as reading and mathematics. As aboveground children are coming of age, we are expanding our education by working for skilled laborers who are family or friends.

My brother, Andrew, has chosen an internship under our father’s friend, Lux. Lux is the seventh judge, just as our father is the sixth judge. He is a good friend to our mother, too. In a few years, I will be professionally employed as an artist, doing sworn in sketch work for the Boroughs.

-Perry Dell Howard, at Age 15

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