How I Feel About Facebook, Part 1

This Was Original Posted on my personal blog in March 2011. I still feel this way and I want to expand on it a bit more later.

A lot of people don’t like Facebook. And I respect that. I see all the drama. And I understand people are worried about their privacy. But I love Facebook – I do. And here’s why. If it weren’t for Facebook:

I would not have spent four or so hours last night talk to my sister about life, being a woman, and of course, God.


I would not have had a wonderful conversation with my dear kindred spirit friend from high school about children and Amazon and teethers (and tack onto that ALL THE OTHER conversations we have had about children and marriage and crafting etc etc etc) (That’s her with her baby)

I would not be sending photos of my children to my mother five minutes after they are taken so that even when I don’t get to see her all the time because life refuses to leave any spots open, at least she can see what my children look like every day.

I would not have, earlier this year, received a wonderful package of books in the mail for my children, from my friend’s mom… who is now also my friend.

I would not have, last summer, been able to both receive and deliver an apology for something that happened in high school that, despite being long past, somehow made even the present just that much better.

I probably would barely be aware of the fact that my second cousin had a beautiful baby girl, let alone be able to enjoy weekly photos and in-progress pictures of the beautiful nursery.

I would not currently be working with one of the loveliest mission-focused entrepreneurs in Central Pa.

I do not play games on Facebook. It’s not that I don’t like them. I liked them too much, so I mercilessly deleted all of them. For me, Facebook is for connecting with people, not for passing time. I have PLENTY to do without trying to make the time pass. I do not do quizzes on Facebook. I like those, too, but I don’t need them to tell me who I am or who my true love is or whether or not I am 100% sexy today (We’re holding at 85% today, thank you for asking). For me, Facebook was and is a way to find and stay connected with those people who are in different geographical locations, but I still want to be very close to my heart. And for that, I am grateful to be alive in 2011.

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