The Howard Family

The Howard's Harlem Brownstone

The Patriarch of our family is Dell Howard. Father was in the running to be a state senator when the fall came and all the people feel asleep. When Lux, I mean Mr. Lux proposed the council of the judges, Father was a natural to be the ruling judge of Harlem, which is now called the 6th JD. Father is good and means all people to be equal and free.

Our mother is called Apple Howard. Father says she’s called that because when he saw her she was sitting in the back of a truck between a barrel of apples that you eat and a stack of Apples that you used for a computer, which was like a really fast pad that connected to other pads to play games and write documents and stuff. So basically just like a pad, except it folded in the middle. Mother doesn’t like that story. But everyone says Mother is the most beautiful woman in all of Harlem. She has skin that’s almost black and dark brown hair. She doesn’t look anything like me and Perry because we’re adopted, but we don’t care, we think she is the most beautiful woman in all of the boroughs, and dad says so, too. She’s also very intelligent and taught me and Perry Math and how to read spell. She read us lots of literature and even some Latin and French.

Me and Perry, I mean Perry and I, are blood brothers, and we were adopted when we were little. We came out of the first JD, which was called Statten Island, but it’s gone because of the fire. That’s why Mr. Lux makes his people take care of all of the lightning rods and tries to get people to reign their fires in. Dad says he wishes his people were as good as Lux’s people, but Mother just laughs and says Mr. Lux has charisma but Dad has wit. That seems to make Dad pretty happy.

Our family lives in what Mother calls a “Well-Preserved Brownstone”. She’s proud of it and always makes sure there are flowers outside.

Andrew Angelo Howard, 12 Years Old
January 2119

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