{visual: Lux in front of the Palace – the picture’s shaky, but his smile is steady and reassuring.}

Dear Citizens,

As many of you know, a few of us have been working up some ideas on how to make life run a bit more smoothly in the boroughs. As much as we try to treat each other with respect and compassion, a few tiffs have broken out… we’ve seen more than a few threats of violence… and I personally have witnessed a ring of human trafficking growing right under my nose… slavers… guys… we can’t go on like that. We’re New Yorkers, for God’s sake. Americans – right? So somebody had to step up and make things better.


Most of you know me – hell, most of you have eaten at my table once or twice. You’ve probably met my buddy Dell. Some of the other names will be familiar to others of you. Rodgriguez. Van Horn. The full list will be available at my house, and the other courts that are being set up in the boroughs. We’re each of us taking responsibility for one of the boroughs – a couple of em we’re splitting up – listen the details are going to be available for everybody. The bottom line is if you have a problem with somebody, you can both go to the judge of your borough and a judgement will be issued. Everybody agrees to stick with the judgement. We’re going to work on a system for keeping track of those who don’t cooperate, some kind of marking system. Haven’t worked out the details. If you’re living in my area, come to the palace and talk with me about it. If you’re staying in Harlem, go to the old theater for now until the new courthouse is rolled out.

Please tap this vid to everyone you know who has a pod of their own and share it with anyone you know who doesn’t. We’re gonna get the word out as soon as possible and get this system in place by the end of July. Take care.

{end of vid}

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