Meet Rachel Bostwick

Hi, I’m Rachel Bostwick. If you call me Rach I will love you forever.

I have been a computer geek since the day my dad brought home an IBM PCjr. I was seven and learning DOS from a tutorial that spanned three floppy disks. A few years later, I fell in love with graphic design while playing with a friend’s computer at a youth group sleepover. My friends were watching a movie in the living room and I had just discovered my life’s passion. I was fourteen.

I’ve also been a life-long reader. My first “chapter book” was “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” I read it in first grade before moving right onto the entire Nancy Drew series. My favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy and I particularly like young adult flavors or stories that explore the ideas of humanity’s future, our relationship with artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and best of all, life after the apocalypse.

I have combined my life-long joys or art and story to create beautiful book covers and enticing book trailers for indie authors. My passion is to create a look for your story that will present you as a polished, professional story-teller. Now I want to hear about your story – what are you writing? What genre makes your heart beat faster? Tell me how long you’ve been working on that book until it was perfect. Then I’d love to work with you to craft a beautiful cover or book trailer to show it off to the world. That’s what I do. Send me a note and maybe we can work together.

I live with my husband, four feral children, a bossy beagle, and a warrior goddess kitten in southern PA. I have no idea where they all came from.

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