Paracord Survival Bracelet and Multitool Set review

The paracord bracelet is awesome! In addition to being a nice full bracelet of paracord, the thing has a flint and steel built right in. And yes! We tested them and they totally work!

The saw blade is fantastic. I loved the way it gripped in my hand and it really cut well.

The toothpick is a little helpful but the pinchers are plastic and have no way to get a grip on that. Not really useful. The bottle opener and screwdriver end are perfectly serviceable.

One caveat: the compass doesn’t work. Sorry, guys. I could not get that thing to consistently point north and I tried. I knocked a star down for that. If you’re lost in the wilderness and you’re trying to get north, this compass is not going to do it.

I received this product from #paracordbundle at a discount in exchange for my honest review. You can buy it here.

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