Pets Mum Bark Collar Review

I like the idea of this collar very much. It beeps on the first two barks then offers a gentle vibration at the third, giving your dog a chance to stop. So far my dog has been shocked by it exactly one time. He knows what the beeping means. That’s great because I’d rather he not have to feel the vibration anyway.

I marked it down a star because sometimes it just doesn’t catch his barks at all. And he’s really loud so if you have a quieter dog you might pass this one by altogether. That kind of inconsistency does not help with his training.

I received this collar at a discount in exchange for my honest review.img_20160822_123847


I received my collar at a discount in exchange for my honest review courtesy of #barkcollardogtrainingdogtrainingcollar

You can purchase the collar here:

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