Sarah Elizabeth Jones, Time Traveler

Sarah Elizabeth Jones, Time Traveler

Teaser for a serial story.

“Just tell me, Matthew. I’m not in the mood for guessing games.”
He scooched closer on the mat. He looked up at me, his honey-colored hair tucked behind his ears and his warm brown eyes hidden behind his thick round spectacles. “You’d never guess anyway. In the year 2230, there’s a big book revival. The wealthy start going bonkers for just plain old written books. They start re-reading all the classics. It’s mad and beautiful. Anyway, they find this world. It’s not exactly habitable, but they build domes there with giant VR systems.”
“Virtual reality?”
“No, Vegas roulette. Yes, virtual reality. Let me finish my story.”
“Go on, then.”
“They create this beautiful hub world full of doors, and each door is a portal to the worlds of all the great stories of all time. Alice’s Wonderland, of course. The Wizarding world. Middle Earth. You can spend a week at the half-blood camp or trip down the yellow brick road. Whatever you like. Whatever you love. How does that sounds for an eighteenth birthday adventure?”
My smile grew until I was sure it reached my ears. “Pretty damn promising, Professor.”

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