Silicone Pan Liner Review


I can’t recommend these highly enough. When you buy these silicone mats for your pans

you will

-never have to line your pans with foil again
-never have to grease your pans again
-never have to scrape at stuck on food again
-never get in trouble with your grandmother for abusing your pans again (no? just me?)

I received these in exchange for an honest review, and honestly I will probably never cook without them again. I have tested other brands and these happened to fit my cookie sheets exactly. I also really like the colors. Don’t cut on them, okay? You will cut through the mat. But other than that, they are ideal. Super easy to wash and anything I’ve tried just wiggles right off of them. Washes easily with a little soap and water.

I received these pan liners in exchange for an honest review.

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