SIlicone Pan Liner Review



I couldn’t be more pleased with the baking mat. I am a holy terror when it comes to keeping my pans clean. I received this at a discount in order to test it and offer my honest review. I have tested it with drippy meat that burnt into it and with homemade bread. I have tested it with cinnamon rolls that drip sugar and butter everywhere. I made a little video for you guys to show how well the cinnamon rolls lifted off of it compared to regular foil. Wonderful. I buttered the foil but I didn’t grease or butter the silicone mat at all. It just works. You can see in the video how terribly I abuse my pans; my grandmother would be horrified. But this will make a big difference. I can’t imagine ever cooking without a set of these again. Please note that you only get a single mat with this purchase. Mine arrived in excellent condition rolled into a tube. If you try it, you won’t be sorry.


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