Pretty Scale, Fantastic Customer Service, Accuracy Not So Much




It’s a lovely scale, and the customer service from the company was excellent. The first one I received was dead on arrival. It lit up enough to switch from kGs to lbs but would never take a weight at all. So I contacted them and they sent me a brand new one, no questions asked. So I really can not fault their service. I was very pleased with their great attitude about the whole thing.

The second scale arrived and had no such problem. I popped the batteries in and it lit right up. Switched it easily over to pounds. But sadly it was terribly inaccurate. The scale would read a twenty pound difference from room to room. I don’t know if it’s because I am a bigger girl (CERTAINLY well under the 400lb limit) or if maybe my apartment isn’t level enough? But I can’t get a straight reading on it at all. I gave it a shot. Now I am moving to a new apartment in the next month so I will take it along and see if I have any better luck in a different space.

I received this scale at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Thanks to #SmartWeigh for the opportunity and for their terrific attitude about the replacement. I will update my review later if it works better in my new apartment. You can purchase the scale on Amazon.

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