Stability Ball Review

The kids and I were very excited to receive this stability ball in exchange for an honest review. None of us are really the sitting still type, and living in an apartment in New England doesn’t always offer the best opportunities for exercise. I always wanted to try one of these. I was very pleased with it.


We’ve had the ball for nearly two weeks, and it has been put through the paces. Four kids fighting over it nearly all day, and Mom bouncing on it to work. The pump was easy enough for the kids to inflate, and we have had no problem with it losing air or bursting.


I think the most important thing to notice about the ball is that it really took a beating while we used it. I half expected it to pop at some point during use but it never did, and going strong. They thoughtfully included an air pump and extra plugs so even if one of the plugs gets lost for some reason, we have a spare.


Olivia really wanted to be a part of this, so here she is being awesome and showing off the ball.


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