The Ten Commandments of Social Media

10 commandments

1. Thou shalt not post a polarizing article unless it is important enough to lose friends over.
A few things are, but choose carefully.

2. Thou shalt not read the comments on a polarizing article. Ever. Trolls are real and their hateful comments will
ruin your day.

3. Thou shalt not let games steal all your time. Play one or two that build your friendships, then mercilessly block the rest.

4. Remember to hide haters from your feed.
Gossip and scandal are contagious and they will kill your joy.

5. Thou shalt block those who hurt you on purpose.
Life is too short.

6. Honor your family and others you love inspite of value differences by using list-based privacy to share sensitive things only with those who will enjoy and appreciate them.

7. Thou shalt use your words to make someone feel loved today.

8. Enlighten others gently and with love.

9. If you can do it sincerely and with love, cultivate friends you disagree with. This is how humans grow in understanding.

10. Thou shalt learn something awesome every day. Be filled with wonder. All the world’s knowledge is laid out for you.
Take a bite.

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