Vellostar Markers Review

#VellostarMarkers was kind enough to offer us a set of liquid chalk markers for review. The markers have reversible tips for different applications and I found it very easy to get the liquid flowing by following the directions. The colors are vibrant and flowed beautifully. You can use them for different non porous surfaces like glass or mirrors or even your fridge, but we used them for something very different.


With Halloween approaching, we decided to sue the markers to make monster parts out of big blocks. We drew eyes and noses and mouths on the blocks and we could mix them up. The paint wiped right off with a towel and a little added pressure, but was also strong enough to be played with. The colors were so bright on the blocks. Once I had the chalk flowing it was easy for even the littlest hands to get great effects.

The liquid chalk markers can be purchased on Amazon.

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