What I Drink

Water, of course. That’s the best, right? But I have a hard time drinking plain water all the time. THe easiest for me is to crack a can of ice cold soda. Root beer, that’s the best. Oh, the burn of the bubbles and the spice of the drink, that’s what I love. But it’s the worst for me. So I have been branching out, trying to do better. One thing I really have enjoyed is my Soda Stream. I realized my favorite part of the soda can was just the bubbles. Although you can buy soda syrups for the Soda Stream, I really didn’t care for them. What I preferred was to take tea bags – herbal teas with a lot of spice – and put them in the bubbly water The best was Earl Grey. It made for a tangy bubbly tea drink with no calories and a lot of bite.

This led me to start drinking a lot of seltzer waters. There seem to be two things people think of as seltzer waters. Both are bubbly water, with some flavor added. There are a lot of diverse flavors out there, from fudgesicle to vanilla to kiwi lime to grape. One type is sweetened with something like aspartame, the other type is totally unsweetened. I used to drink the sweetened kind and hated the unsweetened ones. But I have slowly transitioned to loving the unsweetened ones. I am really able to appreciate the flavors and I don’t have to worry about calories OR artificial sweeteners – just like the bubbly tea I make for myself.

The water Nestle sent me to try is an uncarbonated water with artificial sweetener, so not my favorite on either count. But I still enjoyed it a lot. I probably wouldn’t buy it for myself but the flavor was good and the kids appreciated the beach ball 🙂



I received a sample of Nestle Splash and they asked me to share some of my opinions and feelings about it. Now you know.

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