What Kind of Music Do You Like?

Have you ever been asked that question?

What kind of music do I like?

How do I answer that question?

I know how you’re supposed to answer it.

I like heavy metal.
I like country.
I like (crap somebody throw me a name that people like right now) uh, The Lumineers. (Thanks, dude.)

So how about you?

I like… all of those things. Sometimes. There’s not a lot of metal that I like, but now and then I’ll find a song that makes my heart fly. Same with country.

I like a lot of pop music, but a lot of it makes me want to take one of Lux’s pistols and put a couple of rounds through the radio in the truck.

So what is it that I like?

I like musicians with good stories.
I like to hear honesty bleeding out of my headphones.
I like heartache with a soundtrack.
I like music with beautiful imagery.
I like music with raw, devastating imagery.
I like music that makes me think of the way the pink buds come out of the brown trees in late March.
I like music made by people who aren’t really in it for the money, but more for putting their songs into people’s ears.
(Listen, I still think they should get paid for it. I’m really, really poor and I pay for all my music.)


This is what I am excited about buying: Akeda by Matisyahu. Have you ever heard this guy? Don’t ask me what genre he is. Actually, don’t ask him either, because after he says it, you’ll forget, anyway. You’ll have to write it down and you won’t be sure what the proper spelling of Chassidic is.

Here’s one of the new tracks, Reservoir. What does it sound like?


It’s beautiful, I don’t know.  It tells you something about him.

Know who else I love? The Rocket Summer.

This song, 200,000 makes me happy no matter what.

Music that tells a story.

Music that shows me a piece of your soul.

Music that makes me…feel.

That’s the kind of music I like.

Hey…. what kind of music do you like?

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