Wii U Charging Station


THis is an interesting little charger. It plugs in by USB, so you can plug it right into the Wii U. The backs fit very securely onto the Wii Remotes.The base lights up red to show that it is charging, and a cool blue when it is full. Pretty typical. The downsides: they don’t nestle in there very securely, so you really need to make sure that it’s on there before you walk away and for the love of pete, don’t bump the thing. Other downside, you can’t have the rubber grip on the Wii Remotes while they are charging. Sadly that is true of most charging stations, and most kids won’t bother to put the grip back on so I’ll to think whether it’s worth it or not. But as far as the actual purpose of the station, so far I am very pleased. I will update the review later if it stops working.

I received this #wiucharger #wiiucharger at a discount in exchange for my honest review. You can purchase it on Amazon.

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